Our main long steel production facilities are located in Contrecoeur, Quebec and in Lázaro Cárdenas, Mexico

We specialize in the manufacture of semi-finished products such as billets, slabs, bars, rod and wire. These products are dedicated mostly to the construction and automotive markets, but also to other industrial uses.

Our long products

  • Special bar quality

    Special bar quality, or SBQ, refers to types of steel bars used in the manufacturing of components that require a superior surface.

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  • Concrete reinforcing bar (Rebar)

    Rebar is used hand-in-hand with concrete.

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  • Merchant bar quality (MBQ)

    ArcelorMittal Long Products Canada produces and sells Merchant Bar Quality rounds and flat bars to service centers and niche manufacturers.

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  • Wire rod

    Our rod products are manufactured to meet to the most demanding applications in the industry and are clearly recognized for their proven high quality and reliability.

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  • Drawn wire

    Wire rod, manufactured in our wire rod mill using billets from our steelworks, will have a new look once processed in one of our wire mills.

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  • Round edge automotive leaf springs (REALS)

    ArcelorMittal Long Products Canada is the world's largest manufacturer of steel for leaf springs used in the major auto maker's light and heavy duty trucks.

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Explore our products

  • Tubular products

    Tubular products serve a variety of markets including automotive, industrial and construction equipment, hydraulic cylinders, agricultural equipment and mineral mining equipment.

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  • Flat products

    ArcelorMittal flat rolled steel is everywhere you live: in cars, appliances, buildings and countless other applications.

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  • Tailored blanks

    ArcelorMittal’s Tailored Blanks division is a world leader in laser welded blanks (LWBs) with design and production facilities in most parts of the world, including Canada, the United States and Mexico.

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