Modern state-of-the-art process control computers set up and monitor all the equipment necessary to roll and coil the steel to the customer's exact specifications.

Hot rolled steel destined for the sheet market can be either shipped as a hot band or cleaned in an acid bath and sold as pickled band. Alloy products are also available. Hot-rolled products are used in many markets including automotive, construction, heavy equipment, and tubular products (including line pipe and OCTG).


We offer a wide range of precisely controlled chemical compositions with low residuals. Various product attributes, additional offerings and capabilities are shown below.

Surface treatments

  • Black
    Black bands have a protective scale jacket that forms after rolling and protects the steel during short term storage.

  • Pickled and oiled
    Pickling the steel in an acid bath removes the scale jacket and leaves a clean surface for further processing. The surface is treated with oil to prevent corrosion during shipping and storage.

  • Enhanced surface
    Inquire about enhanced surfaces available for laser cutting.


Size capability may vary by specification and facility. 


This is a partial listing. Please inquire for other agency specs or OEM specific grades.