Galvanized steels are available in a wide range of qualities, including specifications with good forming characteristics and high strengths, and with a variety of coating weights.

Spangle is minimized through alloy additions in the zinc bath, thus providing a uniform looking surface. Temper rolling further improves the surface along with locking in mechanical properties and desired surface roughness. The zinc surface is temporarily protected from oxidation or white rust by applying an oil or chemical treatment. GI product has a somewhat shiny "zinc color" appearance.

Galvanized products provide overall corrosion resistance and superior non-flaking properties. The tightly adhering zinc coating will take the most severe forming operations without flaking or peeling, thereby reducing maintenance and die wear. It is readily welded using conventional techniques. Uniform coating weight control and distribution also allows for good spot weldability. It is among the most cost effective, corrosion resistant steel sheet products on the market today.


We offer a wide range of precisely controlled chemical compositions with low residuals. Various product attributes, additional offerings and capabilities are shown below.

Surface finish

  • Min. spangle and/or extra smooth
    Standard processing includes temper rolling for consistent surface appearance.
  • Temper rolled for fluting sensitive applications
    Available on non-IF steels for a coil-break free surface. Not available for HSLA steels. Not required for IF steel, as coil breaks will not occur.
  • Exposed
    For applications where final surface appearance is important, including for painted applications.
  • Shiny surface
    Material is processed with special practices to create a reflective finish.

Surface treatments

  • Oil
    Provides temporary corrosion protection and lubrication for forming operations.
  • Chemical treated (hexavalent chromium)
    Provides barrier corrosion protection.
  • Chemical treated, Lustrelok (RoHS compliant-trivalent chromium)
    Provides barrier corrosion protection and complies with newer environmental standards requiring trivalent chromium.
  • Non chemical treat dry
    No product is added after zinc coating. This is not recommended.
  • Prelube
    Provides temporary corrosion protection and extra lubrication for forming operations.
  • Acrylic
    Additional forms of thin organic coatings (TOC) that provide barrier corrosion protection are available.


Size capability may vary by specification and facility. Please inquire for more specific information.


This is a partial listing. Please inquire for other agency specs or OEM specific grades.