Health and safety

Health and safety is our number one priority and we work on it daily. We cannot credibly claim any of these values if we do not have an industry leading, and continually improving, health and safety record.


We want to be competitive and thrive in the world of tomorrow. Our strategic thinking must be shaped by ensuring a competitive cost position versus the competition, but also taking into account society’s expectations for a more circular and lower carbon economy. This long-term thinking is essential if we want to ensure continued commercial success and generate the support of our stakeholders and long-term leadership in our sector.  


Quality is essential to our competitive edge. We seek to exceed expectations in terms of our products, processes and performance, combining our deep operational knowledge with keen business acumen and a desire to innovate and expand the potential of steel.  


We are the industry leader, being ranked number one by our customers and appreciated for the products, services and innovation we offer. We achieved this leadership position with visionary thinking and willingness to challenge the status quo.

In the highly competitive world we operate in, we must continue to:

  • Demonstrate thought leadership and champion new ideas and new ways of operating.
  • Be open to change.
  • Focus on driving innovation and seeking out transformational opportunities for ourselves and for the natural world around us.

We don’t wait to be shown but instead find the way, demonstrating to stakeholders the value our company brings.